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Ubuntu 10.10 top 10 items to further enjoy the Ubuntu Experience

Ubuntu has been so far the best distro I have tried when looking for a windows desktop alternative. The massive repository & ease of usage Ubuntu has to offer makes it a great windows replacement. I have been running Ubuntu on my laptop for the past two months & have been really enjoying the speed & easiness of Ubuntu. Below is a great 10 tips to enjoy Ubuntu even further.



First Tip: Install GIMP

GIMP does not come by default with Ubuntu anymore, though its quite easy to install from the respo. Before I explain how to install GIMP for those of you new to Linux GIMP is a great image editing software with many many advance image editing features that only available in paid software on windows. Further GIMP is free so get it now!!  All you have to do to install GIMP in Ubuntu is to run the below command: