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Calibre The Open Source ebook Library Manager

As many of us have been moving lately from physical books to ebooks, as they are more convenient on the go, and better for the environment. I know nothing is like a physical book, but sometime we need to adapt and benefit of the convenience ebooks bring. The challenge with ebooks that you can end up with many of them scattered on your device with no order what so ever, which make it very hard to find that ebook you were reading a month ago while looking to remember or confirm a particular piece that you read or if you wanted to share it with a colleague or friend.

containerd is a great Open Source container run time!!

While Docker had been for the longest time the name you are most probably to hear when ever the discussion of containers run time come up, lately containerd has becoming so popular that you are hearing it just as often. The fun part which confuse many people is that containerd is used by Docker. The code that makes up containerd was originally part of the Docker Daemon but was abstracted from it to provide a more modular approach.

ContainerD CNFC Logo


containerd is an OCI compliant core container runtime designed to be embedded into larger systems such as Kubernetes. It provides the minimum set of functionality to execute containers and manages images on a node. It was initiated by Docker Inc. and donated later to CNCF. The Docker engine itself is built on top of containerd.

How can you use LaTeX formulas with LibreOffice

I have been getting the question more often lately on how to use LaTex Formulas in LibreOffice. I have even seem some folks suggesting to drop Libre Office just because they don’t see how to do that. I just wanted to highlight how you can work around this and use LaTex in Libra Office using the  TexMaths extension till Libre Office have it by default.


  1. Download the extension from
  2. Open LibreOffice Writer, go to Tools -> Extension Manager, and select the file (*.oxt) just downloaded.
  3. Close all instances of LibreOffice and start it again.
  4. Now you will see the new TexMaths extension toolbar:

enter image description here


6 reasons to switch to LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a great Open Source Alternative to many other commercial office applications out there, below is just few reason to consider Libre office in comparison to other office applications and in particular Microsoft Office assuming you have the option to choose which office you use on daily basis. 
Libre Office the Open Soruce Office Application
1. Common code and interfaces between applications

Unlike Microsoft Office (MSO), LibreOffice (LO) is not a set of independent applications grouped under a larger Solution Name. Libre Office applications have been designed/developed to share as much code as possible. There is several advantages this bring to the table including

  1. LO installation occupies less disk space than an MSO.
  2. Greater speed on the same machine.