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Microsoft and Red Hat, united by virtualization

Ah it seems virtualization is what going to unite the largest competing vendors. Yes, I am talking about Microsoft, Redhat, and Novell. Not too long back Novell who purchased SUSE has got in an agreement with Microsoft in regards of Virtualization. So with SUSE making the lead seems REDHAT is going the same route as well. I guess there is things where the big players in the IT market have to get a long, and virtualization seems to be  one of the biggest at the moment.

Redhat has surprisingly announced the joint of Microsoft in the virtualization market, and they will provide a validation and certification programs for virtualization solutions. As Redhat announced a good validation & Certification program will allow the customers to deploy a heterogeneous solutions from Microsoft & Red Hat. It seems in few years virtualizations will unlock the boundaries between many competing vendors.

ext4fs Fedora 11 (and RHEL 6?)

I have noticed that Fedora 11 (Leonidas) used ext4fs as file system by default.

Ext4fs main features are:

  • Compatibility with ext3FS
  • Larger file system support (> 16T)
  • larger File Size Support (> 2T)
  • Scalability of subdirectories
  • Extents
  • Multi Allocation
  • Delayed allocation
  • fsck faster
  • Checksum Journal
  • Journal mode
  • Online defragmentation
  • Persistent pre-allocation
  • Barriers

Being Fedora 11 is the base for the development of the new version of RHEL, we can expect a great upcoming Linux distribution.

So I recommend Red Hat rather than Windows for your Enterprise :). Please leave a comment with your Linux Success stories :).

Fedora 11 codename is Leonidas

With a total of 1108 votes of 2480 possible, the code name of Fedora 11 is as follows:


The other candidates names were untamed, Claypool, Brasília, Blarney, Duchess, Zampone, Euryalus.

The original note https: / /

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 is out

Red Hat, Inc., the leading global provider of open source solutions, has announced the global availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 on the 20th of Jan 2009.

This third update of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 provides a wide range of improvements, including virtualization, significantly increased scalability, expanded hardware platform and supported the inclusion of OpenJDK Java technologies.

The new version is available for immediate download from Red Hat Network.

The original Red Hat Press.

Ah again I need to upgrade my servers :). Don’t You!!