Calibre The Open Source ebook Library Manager

As many of us have been moving lately from physical books to ebooks, as they are more convenient on the go, and better for the environment. I know nothing is like a physical book, but sometime we need to adapt and benefit of the convenience ebooks bring. The challenge with ebooks that you can end up with many of them scattered on your device with no order what so ever, which make it very hard to find that ebook you were reading a month ago while looking to remember or confirm a particular piece that you read or if you wanted to share it with a colleague or friend.

Calibre is an amazing cross-platform ebook library manager. It’s a library manager, an ebook reader, and ebook converter that supports most of the popular ebook format.

Calibre does not just allow you to lists your book by titles, but it allow you to search them by title, author, publisher, size, date published, date added, and your own custom tags and comments.You can as well organize multiple copies of the same book in different formats as a single logical book. It includes a server so you can access your collection from different platform from Linux, Mac, and Windows. Android and iOS access is doable, but not as straight forward as under desktop OS.

The below video demonstrate the capabilities of the Calibre ebook Library Manager, How to use it, and a good demo for you to review and see if it fit your needs before having to download it.

Below is the new features added in the latest version of Calibre (4.11.2):

  • Viewer: Allow right clicking on the scrollbar to easily access commonly used scrolling shortcuts
  • Edit book: Preview panel: Allow right clicking on images to edit them
  • Add a new Quick select action to quickly select a virtual library with a few keystrokes. Activated by Ctrl+t or the Virtual library menu
  • Viewer: Calculate default column widths based on current font size
  • Viewer: Add a control to quit the viewer useful on touchscreens.
  • Viewer: Add shortcut for showing metadata (Ctrl+n)

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