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What Tech Trends Can You Expect In 2013?

Technology has a short amount of time to grab our attention before it gets pushed to the side in favor of their newer, younger and more desirable models the next.

2012 saw the introduction of smarter smartphones, slimmer tablets and better wireless networks. So what trends can you expect to emerge in the next 12 months?

Hybrid laptops. The number of people who own a smartphone, laptop and tablet no doubt increased over the past 12 months. However, there might be a time in the near future where a laptop and tablet are one in the same. Dell released the XPS 12, which they market as part laptop, part tablet. The swivel monitor can sit upright like a traditional laptop, or fold on itself to only reveal the touchscreen, a la tablet. In 2013, look for hybrids like these to get the typical makeover: thinner and faster.