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Differences between PVM and IBM AIX PVMe

PVMe supports PVM, but its internal structure is completely new. As it runs on a PVMe homogeneous platform (The IBM 9076 SP2), many operations are simpler.

The following are the outstanding differences between the structure of the PVM and IBM AIX PVMe.

  • PVMe does not interact directly with TCP/IP to implement data communication between processors. For this,it uses the System Communication (CSS), communications software that runs on the HPS adapter. Data exchange always occurs between processes, without involving the devil.
  • The PVMe daemon runs in a single node and not all participating nodes as PVM.
  • An improved scheme for memory management of PVMe can also take advantage of memory resources efficiently.

IBM AIX 5.x and 6.x revelation of local information via ‘at’ command

A vulnerability in IBM AIX 5.x and 6.x has been found which could be exploited by a local attacker to access sensitive information.The vulnerability is caused by a bug in the ‘at’ (/usr/bin/at) as it does not limit the privilege to read certain files (It has root permissions). This could be exploited by a local attacker to read any file.

This vulnerability confirmed in AIX 5.2.x, 5.3.xy 6.1.x. Depending on the version and platform, it is recommended to apply the following patches available for download from:

More Information:

AIX at information disclosure vulnerability

IBM AIX Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are a great way of learning as well can be a great reference for experienced users. Below are some of popular IBM AIX Cheat Sheets which we believe can be useful.

AIX QuickSheet

AIX Commands Cheat Sheet

AIX Jumpstart for UNIX Professionals

AIX Cheat Sheet

Please share with us your favorite AIX Cheat sheet and let share the knowledge.

AIX commands you should not leave home without

Do you ever feel you wish you could answer some of your own questions when you work with AIX® and your System p™ server? Do you ever feel you could save time by not having to call on the support professionals all the time? Well, wish no more. Shiv Dutta discusses some of the AIX commands that answer those questions and tells you how to enlarge the list of such answers. Look at the below link for the Answer.

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What is AIX?

A crazy question huh. I was wondering how many people who will fall on my blog by mistake or even who meant to will know what AIX stand for. So I thought I will give a hint to all of you.

According to wikipedia AIX (A dvanced I nteractive eXecutive) is a proprietary UNIX operating system from IBM. Originally meant “Advanced IBM Unix” but the name probably was not approved by the legal department and was changed to “Advanced Interactive Executive

Its official development owner website is further more the biggest addon to AIX from other Unix flavors is the SMIT administration tool, which is a text mode interface that easy administration tasks in AIX.

AIX: Storage Migration

A typical AIX system administrator problem is the importance of these systems, and being not able to stop them at anytime & for any reason. A downtime on these AIX boxes are very expensive and the admin has to avoid at all cost. In the other hand, its often the case where the admin has to move the data from one disk to another without losing data. Furthermore, the admin has to avoid downtime while handling the migration. Few typical reasons why the admin need to migrate data between different disks or even storages are:

  • The requirment to move to a larger disk
  • The requirement to move to a different Raid Configuration disk

IBM Software FTP

If you are looking for some IBM AIX / Pseries software, or even if you are looking for any IBM software in general then you must check out

The above ftp server is loaded with legal IBM software than you can use or just learn about them. Check it out & comment which of these tools were usefull for you.

AIX: Changing a volume group

Throughout the life of a volume group (VG) can happen a lot. The most common are in relation to its size or its physical volumes. Ah, I can hear a lot of you thinking about how to expand their volume :).

When changing the size of a physical volume (PV) AIX does not realize it hot. In AIX boxes it is common that the disk is coming from an external storage (Ex: SAN) and some of the LUNs which correspond to devices that exist in hdiskX VG has been expanded. We recalculate the size of available disk with the following:

# Chvg -g

For more info about Chvg check out:  IBM Pseries Chvg.

IBM POWER Servers & IBM AIX Error Codes

When you get to the most unfortunate time & you have a failure with your AIX box it get to be handy to have the list of AIX Error Codes and their diagnosis. Although googling & internet searching is invaluable options these days, when searching for a resolution for AIX ensure it is totally related to IBM AIX.  For that the AIX error codes list provided by IBM becomes invaluable in these cases. Below is these codes for AIX running on IBM POWER 5 & IBM POWER 6:

Progress or error codes in AIX (POWER5)
Reference codes for POWER6