Ubuntu 11.04: How to install EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN Printer on Ubuntu

I have recently bought an EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN Printer & wanted to install it on my Ubuntu box. I have had a bit of difficulties at first try as the driver was not included in Ubuntu by default. After few minutes of searching the internet, I have found the driver at:

Epson Inkjet Printer Stylus Office tx510fn series 1.0.0-1lsb3.2 Driver 32-Bit Debian Driver (Work for Ubuntu 32-bit as well other 32-bit Debian)

Epson Inkjet Printer Stylus Office tx510fn series 1.0.0-1lsb3.2 Driver 64-Bit Debian Driver (Works for Ubuntu 64-bit as well other 64-bit Debian) (The one I am using)

For other users who is not using Debian but RPM based Linux, RPM packages can be found out as well at:

Epson Stylus Office tx510fn Series 32-Bit RPM Driver (Should work for RedHat Linux and other similar RPM based 32-bit distros)

Epson Stylus Office tx510fn Series 32-Bit RPM Driver (Should work for RedHat Linux and other similar RPM based 64-bit distros)

To be honest, the only one I have tested is the Debian 64-bit Drivers as I am currently running Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit though the others should be of help to other Distros and platform users. The instructions below is how I got it my EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN Printer working on Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit using the Debian 64-bit driver provided above. The instructions are straight forward & really easy to do, and a step by step of it is below. These instructions assume u are connecting it through network, which is most probably u are.

1- Install the .deb package you have just downloaded from the link provided earlier as you would normally do for any other package by double clicking it.

2- After the package has been installed go to: Applications ==> Systems => Printing

3- Hit Add Printer

4- Under Select Device Choose AppSocket/HP JetDirect

5- In the host field fill the IP of your EPSON Stylus Office TX510fn Printer, you can find the IP from the LCD screen on the printer it self using the menu button & going to network settings. Then Hit forward

6- Choose the EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN Driver from under the EPSON drivers choices. Note that this driver was not there before installing the provided Debian package.

7- Fill the Printer Name with the desired printer name, & hit Apply

8- To ensure everything is working correctly, try to print a test page.

The EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN printer work quite well with Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit, so if you are considering a printer it might be a good choice that is compatible with Ubuntu. I just put this post for any one who want to ensure if this printer work with Ubuntu & for others who bought it and did not figure out how to get it to work. Its simple and easy & do the job. Happy Printing!!!

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4 Responses to “Ubuntu 11.04: How to install EPSON Stylus Office TX510FN Printer on Ubuntu”

  1. Lenore Kenworthy says:

    maryland! represent

  2. Mimenta says:

    Update -Using Ubuntu 11.1
    The driver for TX510FN, packaged with Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 automatically installs the Epsom TX510FN printer but it’s faulty.
    Downloading this one (the 64 bit version above) works perfectly but in Ubuntu 11.10 you’ll have to uninstal the existing printer first (highlight the printer in the “System Tools – System settings – Printers” menu and press the minus sign). Now press the + sign add add the TX510FN printer – Voila!
    Problem solved!

  3. installing printer driver for Ubuntu -- CFD Online Discussion Forums says:

    […] a lot more information on how to install this particular printer on Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10: http://www.linux2aix.com/hardware/pr…on-ubuntu.html If you have trouble accessing any of these pages, I can send it to you via email. Best regards, […]

  4. Ehsan says:

    Hi Mimenta
    thanks for the point you said,
    for dear users,at first there is TX510FN in the list of printers,one should remove this by minus sign as Mimenta said and add it by selecting local method again,wait a little that Ubuntu linux finds the printer and then press OK and test by a page be printed.

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