Choose Inexpensive, Virus-Free Linux Operating System

To break away from the normal concept, try operating systems Linux. Linux operating system have all the essential features that any user would require such as playing audio and video files, creating documents, browsing web, running and managing web server, and creating programs. The problem lies in the fact that there are lesser customer services available. Once Linux is installed, it is improbable thought that you may need to reinstall it later. Some of the companies are providing pre-installed Linux on their systems and customer services such as Dell and Lenovo.

Second reason is the lack of orientation regarding its maintenance. The people nowadays, use Wikipedia or WikiHow to solve the problems related to their pre-installed Windows interface. Despite of online forum community, people find it difficult to associate with operating systems Linux because of lack of familiarity.

The Linux operating system is available free of cost but the distribution has not been popularized by popular markets, on social networks and the competition with new upcoming gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets that overlook to develop the applications keeping Linux in mind. The applications are specific to iPhone OS and Android. New changes in market make it inconvenient and interrupt the right advertisement of the sought after Linux. The operating systems Linux are surviving the challenge with the small-scale business opting for it and also collaborating with other free software such as Apache servers that are making it desirable for use.

Commands such as awk and sed can parse fields out of text files and can be used in search and replace scripts on text files such as HTML pages respectively. For backup and restore utility, BRU and Knox work well. The compression utility is gzip (GNU zip). The df utility determines the available free disk space. The du (disk usage) utility can help in knowing how the disk space is being utilized among different directories and files. Many such commands let you easily manage and work on the operating systems Linux. Once you educate yourself how to run the commands, it becomes relatively stress free. Keeping the cost in mind and no extra problems regarding system crash, recovery and slow loading, you may find switching to Linux more convenient. It could also check excessive interference by students to try new features of operating systems Linux by limiting them to certain software. Thus, it is a popular choice in the educational institutions.

Some of the most popular operating systems Linux distributions and their features are given below:

· Ubuntu is a Linux based Desktop edition, which can be installed along with other Windows version such as Windows 7. It yields better performance, unity and gnome interface, Ethernet and wireless management, workspace manager, quick booting, and zero licensing cost.

· Red Hat Linux has been developed by Red Hat and is a commercial product available at reasonable prices. Its features include configuration tools, laptop compatibility, network manager, X autoconfigure, integrated multimedia support, hardware support for cameras, printers, scanners, and mobiles.

· Fedora Core is a distributed by Red Hat Enterprise has been updated to Gnome 2.26 version to provide excellent GUI interface to the users. For developers, support for NetBeans IDE 6.5 lets them create complex programs. The volume control modification introduced by Fedora makes the multimedia more attractive. Upgrade to latest version of software is supported such as latest release of Mozilla Firefox, which means complete desktop and laptop computing benefits.

· Mandriva Linux has an improved KDM login manager that brings in faces of logged in users. Another feature TimeFrame shows the files such as videos used by different application in a timeline. LibreOffice lets you create office documents, also supports the html export assistant to prepare web layout presentation.

· SuSE Linux supports dual-installation with Windows operating systems. File formats of different kinds can be played smoothly on SuSE Linux because of plug-and-play devices support. Microsoft technology such as Active Directory and Exchange can work on SuSE Linux. A number of languages can be installed that are making it desirable for those who work over different parts of the world. LibreOffice lets you create industry standard documents such as text documents, spreadsheet, presentation and database documents. This suite also works with Microsoft office files, so you can conveniently exchange your files without any loss of information.

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