Linux operating system: Free open source Linux

An operating system is the software, which supports various devices, drives, programs so that its abilities could be utilized. A base operating system is necessary for the proper utilization of computer resources. The use is not limited to general people; so the complex operating systems and supported programs are available for professionals too.

What is Linux operating system? Linux is an open source free operating system. It suits every kind of individual. It started with support of command-line interface where one can achieve any task with the use of some commands, but over time, it has been updated to include graphical user interfaces that let the people, even without knowledge or need to learn complex commands to work on it.

There is no limit to the device where Linux cannot work. It includes desktop systems, laptops, mobiles phones, televisions, tablet, video game console, mainframe, LCDs and supercomputers.

The Linux features are improving day by day because of its open source code available to everyone to modify, use and develop as per their wish under the General Public License (GNU). This license means that it should be redistributed with the same privileges as one has in the beginning. Many of open source Linux distributions include the operating system kernel, application softwares, inbuilt softwares and utilities or libraries of commands. People who do not know about this operating system generally ask “What is Linux operating system?

Graphical user interface are of type X Window system that lets the users manage the system network maintenance and optimization needs safely and easily, GNOME or KDE where one could click or touch the icon to enter the menu command to achieve their purpose.

For professionals that require to work with high-end database and web applications, Linux supports installation of Apache HTTP Server and SSH Server. For general purposes, the users have the advantages of Mozilla Firefox, openoffice and GIMP image editor. All of these applications are fairly easy to upgrade as the Linux supports it.

Some of the useful commands such as ‘bzip2’ is used to compress and decompress files, ‘echo’ allows users to display the text or number in output, ‘free’ lets know the total amount of free and used physical memory, ‘ifup’ sets up network connection, ‘man’ provides you required information from the user manual built into Linux distributions. It is recommended to browse Internet to get an answer of the question “What is Linux operating system?

Utilities made by third-party companies, such as ‘SpamTestBuddy’ is useful in checking the e-mail spam, ‘renattach’ acts as the tool that renames and/or delete dangerous email attachments, ‘noIndent’ removes leading space from the content of files, ‘FlyBack’ using ‘rsync mode’ help you to backup your documents and it could also be rescheduled, ‘Grync’ provides graphical user interface to get the backup done and reschedule it. It is fairly simpler than rsync and can be used if you have no or less time to remember these commands.

Linux supports multi-user, multi-tasking environment that means a number of users can use the machine at one time and use the resources via serial or network terminals and perform a number of tasks by using different programs at any time. For example, one could write in an openoffice writer while listening to music running in background over real player. Directory structure is supported for better organization and maintenance reasons. It could easily be booted from a DVD, which means you can run this program on any computer anytime, anywhere. The DVD may comprise all the support tools including debuggers, compilers.

With a range of available commands and utilities that are developed and available in market, one could manage this operating system single handedly. The tasks include file access, file storage, enforcing security mechanisms, creating customized environment for every user, for example, exclusion of games from professional account while supporting it in other user’s profile, file management, user management, process management that means the ability to close some windows if they have cluttered the workspace and printing.

There are number of online communities and forums that provide quality information on Linux operating system, and how to use and manage it. Software provides a link for download of Linux operating system as rpm file. There is a huge support available to start utilizing this operating system. Now, you must have an answer for the question “What is Linux operating system?

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