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Will VMware AppBlaster Save Google chrome netbook and the similar?

VMware has announced a new technology called VMware AppBlaster, that will allow to remote applications from any OS to any OS using any HTML 5 web browsers. This means when AppBlaster is released you will be able to run any application under any OS you desire as long you have an HTML 5 web browser (Did some one scream Chrome Browser on Google chrome netbook?). Although when VMware announced the technology in VMworld 2011 did not mention anything about  Google chrome netbook, but guess what browser was used in the demonstration!! You guessed it right Google Chrome Browser, though it was running on Apple MAC in the demo but that does not make a different a Chrome Browser is a Chrome Browser nonetheless the OS it runs on. The funny part the presenter has mentioned Chrome Browser during the demo at least twice!! Don’t get me wrong, I am not implicating that VMware is doing this to help Google Chrome Netbooks to take over the netbook/laptop market, but Google Chrome Netbooks will definitively benefit from that.

Google Chrome OS beta is ready to download

As many of you had seen a preview of Google Chrome OS on my blog about a month back. I am glad to announce that a beta has just been released to public. The announcement has been made on Google Chrome Website & can be found at:  Google Chrome OS Beta release announcement . Ah not to mention I love the idea of google providing a virtual appliance to run on VMware Player for people to try their OS without having to install it. I believe it is a quite smart idea & will help the testing to spread a lot faster. Ah they still offer an installable version of the beta though :). So enjoy the ride.

Google Chrome OS preview

Google seems eager to obtain a share of the Operating system market & cut a bit of the large cake Microsoft was keeping for itself for a long time.

Google are currently working on a web focused Operating System. As the web applications seems to be the future, Google new OS might strike the market.
Would history repeat it self? & google hit Microsoft Monopoly like Microsoft hit IBM monopoly in the early 90s where Mainframes where the solution.


As the new google OS is based on Linux and revamped around their new browser Chrome I thought it might be worth showing the demo on here :). Check out a sneak peak of the most kept secret OS at the moment below: