Will VMware AppBlaster Save Google chrome netbook and the similar?

VMware has announced a new technology called VMware AppBlaster, that will allow to remote applications from any OS to any OS using any HTML 5 web browsers. This means when AppBlaster is released you will be able to run any application under any OS you desire as long you have an HTML 5 web browser (Did some one scream Chrome Browser on Google chrome netbook?). Although when VMware announced the technology in VMworld 2011 did not mention anything about  Google chrome netbook, but guess what browser was used in the demonstration!! You guessed it right Google Chrome Browser, though it was running on Apple MAC in the demo but that does not make a different a Chrome Browser is a Chrome Browser nonetheless the OS it runs on. The funny part the presenter has mentioned Chrome Browser during the demo at least twice!! Don’t get me wrong, I am not implicating that VMware is doing this to help Google Chrome Netbooks to take over the netbook/laptop market, but Google Chrome Netbooks will definitively benefit from that.

You might think its a crazy thought. but let me help your imagination in here. Imagine you have just powered on your Samsung Chromebook Series 5 netbook with less than 10 seconds from the time you pushed the power button to the time you fired your Chrome Browser. Then after that inside the Chrome browser you click the Microsoft Visio 2010 icon & start working on your Visio diagram with the full MS Visio 2010 bells and whistles from your little Chrome Netbook. Then after that you open Microsft Word, Excel just as you would on a Windows Machine. After that you fire up some of your Linux tools like GIMP to edit your images. Imagine all this coming to your small Chromium Netbook that is already connected to the web all the time without the need for any client or agent on your machine which is not usually possible to install on Chromium Netbooks. All delivered through HTML 5. A picture is worth 100s of words, but a video is worth millions of words. You might want to check the below video to get an idea of VMware AppBlaster and see how well it works on a Chrome Browser.

I believe such technology will change the way we access our applications for ever. I mean think about it. At the moment most of the applications we use is installed on the devices we use. In the other hand, VMware AppBlaster will allow service/Application providers to deliver any application that End users are using today as a service. That means you will not need to install the application on your machine to use it, but all you will ever need is an HTML 5 ready browser to access your applications. This totally fit inline with Google idea of Google Chromium netbooks. Google idea was that the most used item in a user machine today is the browser, if we can give him a quicker & safer browser and nothing more we will still attract a good amount of users with these quicky netbooks. The problem was still all these applications that people used to in their earlier life & still want to access from their netbooks. Its the main reason why many people did not believe Google Chrome netbooks will have a great success. Now with VMware AppBlaster the game will change & users will be able to access any applications from their Google Chrome Netbooks. I believe Google has hit the Bingo this time with their Chrome netbooks by being the first to enter the market, where people thought its too early for it. Now the other players in the market will have to play the catch up game with Google Chrome netbooks on one side & with VMware AppBlaster on the other side.

I believe VMware is offering the world a great technology with VMware AppBlaster as it will allow companies to serve their existing applications from the Cloud with all the security required without having to rewrite them from scratch. This will definitely speed up Cloud Computing adoption. In the other hand, I am sure this will be the greatest gift anyone could give to Google to improve its Google Chrome Netbooks adoption. The same Google Chrome Netbook that were meant to only run the web through the Chrome web browser will be able to run most of the user applications without any problem from inside the Chrome web browser. I believe this good news will not only benefit Google, but Google Chrome Netbook manufacture like Acer and Samsung will be the one to most benefits of the technology as it will put their branded Google Chrome Netbooks sales on fire. Further, I am sure many Public Cloud Providers will be in rush to offer such a service, as these applications will be accessible through every type of End user devices that can run any HTML 5 web browser.

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