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EVOLUTION: Configure a G-Mail account in Ubuntu

Evolution is the default mail client installed in Ubuntu. More than just an mail client, it’s a complete groupware tool that allows the user to manage contacts, tasks, notes and calendars. Evolution can be started in three different ways:

Click on the (envelope) icon in the top panel.

Go to Applications menu -> Internet -> Evolution Mail.

Executing the following command in a terminal window: evolution



Evolution must be setup to manage your Gmail account.

NOTE: Hotmail is very restrictive but Evolution has adapted itself and what used to be a puzzle, is now simple. Check out later for an article on setting a hotmail account with Evolution.

Firestarter Firewall in Ubuntu, installation and configuration

Iptables is the default firewall in Ubuntu and is a very powerful tool. The problem is that when it comes to perform administration tasks, the syntax is complicated and difficult to understand. For this reason, Gufw and Firestarter were created (it is a server level firewall for “humans”), which is simpler.



Gufw can be installed from a terminal window with the following command:

sudo apt-get install ufw Gufw


By default, Iptables and ufw run from startup, allowing all outgoing connections and denying all incoming connections.


Gufw, the graphical interface for ufw, is ideal for normal users with little knowledge.

It can be run from System -> Administration -> Firewall Configuration.

Install Xampp on Ubuntu 11.04

XAMPP is a web server that is used to develop applications in PHP, with connection to a SQL database (LAMPP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl)


Installing an Apache web server is not easy for newcomers and is even more complicated if it is required to add MySQL, PHP and Perl.


XAMPP is an easy to install and use Apache distribution that contains MySQL, PHP and Perl. It’s really simple to install and use, but keep in mind that it is not intended for use in production (explained at the bottom of the article).


It is also a multiplatform GNU project, currently distribute for: Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Solaris.

Instant Messaging in Ubuntu

Instant messaging is a text-based and file-sharing  real-time communication system that is established between two or more terminals connected to a network.

It has become a key tool of the Internet, allowing people to connect with their families, friends and have a direct way to chat, exchange files, photos, documents, web pages and more.

Instant messaging requires the use of an IM client that handles the service. It differs from regular email in that conversations are conducted in real time.

In Ubuntu you can install several IM clients:

  • Empathy
  • Pidgin
  • aMSN




Canonical has decided that starting Ubuntu 9.10, Empathy is the default IM client. Earlier versions of Ubuntu used Pidgin instead.

Updated Information On The Versions Of Linux Operating System

With new challenges, it becomes necessary to get the updated information about the software programs to meet the new and increasing customized needs of the clients. Below is the updated information on various versions of Linux operating system.

openSUSE: It is a Linux operating system available without any cost, i.e free. It can run on any type and a number of devices. Like many other operating systems, you can browse, and create documents while listening to audio, watch multimedia files like presentation, and flash movies. It is available for both 32 and 64-bit architectures, and the latest versions are modified to encompass the latest developments. This software encompasses both KDE and GNOME.

Understanding The Need Of Enterprise Operating System

Enterprise operating system is designed by keeping the most general programs in mind that are required by the organizations. It is different from the personal desktop software programs where the person could also utilize third-party software to complete one’s tasks. The enterprise operating system cannot depend on the third party software because it then fails on its purpose. The most common applications also require many genuine characteristics from the operating system such as processor performance, intuitive system management interface and other media support. For example, if it takes large amount of time to fetch the results of a query from the database, then it is useless to seek enterprise operating system. Also, many establishments are always indulged in developing very complex projects, such as aircraft models, scientific abilities, building plans that mean high precision and many more features. Enterprise operating systems are different depending upon one’s requirements. The most common enterprises editions support characteristics such as dynamism, supportable for number of platforms, scalable, security, and extended libraries.

Looking For The Best Linux Operating Systems

Operating system is very popular with masses, as it is the platform by using which the users can communicate with computer, use its resources and get desired results. Depending upon the operating system, the people can communicate or pass commands by using either the command line interface or icons and graphical menu style.

Linux is a free open source operating system that means it is free to be distributed. It is available under General Public License. Different developer communities are working on the open source that is programming code behind this software. They came up many new ideas and additions. Various different operating systems are also available in the market today because of these sustained efforts started by Linus Torvalds.

A complete Guide to Apache operating system

What is Apache, is it an operating system?

Open source programs are very popular with upcoming business and also for desktop computers for personal use. Many professionals however, get easily disoriented when it comes to choose among different options available and they start thinking whether the product they are downloading or buying a combined CD/DVD containing many programs matches their requirement or not.

Operating system is commonly sought because it is the platform on which number of programs are installed and used. Operating system is necessary to make use of the computer efficiencies. It acts as an interface through which the user interacts with the program, provides the input, press button or pass commands and get the desired output.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Redhat Operating System

Could you imagine this world without sharing knowledge, openness, transparency, and collaboration? What would happen if only rich would be given the chance to access everything that is innovative, flourished, and native? You will certainly come up with an answer that there would be no progress, then. And, this is the fundamental logic behind the open source. However, it is worth noting that open source is neither faceless nor nameless. It is also not charity to be certain.

Find Out The Linux OS List To Know The Power Of Open Source Software

It is an open secret that redhat Linux operating system is open source software. However, you might be interested to know about a wide range of variation of this software due to its openness and transparency. Knowingly or unknowingly, we come across the linux os list that is useful for every walk of life. Such listing erase the misconception that open source is unnamed and anonymous. Infact, here we come to know that an open source has a variety of identities, usages, and facets that were hidden within the universal enterprise of the Internet tribes!