Find Out The Linux OS List To Know The Power Of Open Source Software

It is an open secret that redhat Linux operating system is open source software. However, you might be interested to know about a wide range of variation of this software due to its openness and transparency. Knowingly or unknowingly, we come across the linux os list that is useful for every walk of life. Such listing erase the misconception that open source is unnamed and anonymous. Infact, here we come to know that an open source has a variety of identities, usages, and facets that were hidden within the universal enterprise of the Internet tribes!

Here are some of the prominent distributions to facilitate with the linux os list that has been categorized in terms of package management system. One of the most popular types is based upon the Debian GNU/Linux. It is a kind of free software that is compatible to work well with an assortment of hardware platforms. These packaging usually come with the format of .deb filing and the package manager could be named as dpkg.

64 Studio comes first in the linux os list that endeavors to concentrate in audio and video fabrication on x86-64 computer units. Aptosid is a multi-lingual desktop-oriented linux os. It is applicable on the base of live CD on Debian unstable. BeatrlX puts emphasis on a user-friendly desktop setting that has been catered from the Czech Republic. Bharat Operating System Solutions is a known with the short form of BOSS Linux.

Corel Linux has brought by Xandros Linux that is under the commercial usage especially for the short-lived desktop distribution. Linux os list also combine CrunchBang Linux that was formerly based upon the Ubuntu distribution. Currently, it is based upon the Debian Stable and is featured by Openbox window manager. Many times, it can also be used for Xfce desktop environment along with the GTK+ applications. Another popular name that is known as Dreamlinux is a Brazilian Linux allocation. Elive has been designed for the ease of use with the intuitive applications.

Finnix is an aid for the small system management that is obtainable for numerous architectures. Freespire is in the linux os list since 2007, but its website is offline since near the beginning of 2011. It is a community driven project from Linspire distribution. Gibraltar is another commercial division based upon the router or firewall protection. Fascinatingly, grml is the live CD based upon the Linux that is used for system recovery. If you are looking for a Linux based application for study and games, Hikarunix is there for you. It is pedestal upon Damn Small Linux.

Nonetheless, for the convenient usage of the GUI with scripting, Knotix is abetting on the linux os list. It is an installable live CD with the help of KDE. Knoppix is also a live CD version of Debian GNU/Linux. Kurumin has designed mainly for the Brazilian users. LEAF project is a tiny floppy based program for firewalls, routers and other functions. LMDE stands for Linux Mint Debian Edition, which is a progressing circulation supported with Debian testing. It is available for Gnome desktop along with 32 and 64 bit in the form of live DVD.

When we are talking about the linux os list in terms of growing technological advancements, mobile applications cannot be overlooked. Maemo is a development platform for Nokia N810, N800, and N900 for Internet tablets and other devices that work with the accordance of the Linux. What is more, even Linux is compatible to work wonderfully with the older systems and limited hardware availability with the distribution of MEPIS. This incorporates with antiX to serve the purpose.

Neopwn is a further Debian based network allotment system for the penetration-testing of mobile phones. NepaLinux is the Morphix and Debian based system in the linux os list that puts emphasis on the desktop practice in Nepali idiom computing. For the usage of personalized laptops and computers, there is an allocation named Parsix. It has been fabricated with top Debian testing and provides security support. PureOs is also one of the Debian testing diversions of Linux. Besides, for the proprietary support there is a version called Rxart with desktop-orientation.

These are some of the important information related to linux os list.

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