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A complete Guide to Apache operating system

What is Apache, is it an operating system?

Open source programs are very popular with upcoming business and also for desktop computers for personal use. Many professionals however, get easily disoriented when it comes to choose among different options available and they start thinking whether the product they are downloading or buying a combined CD/DVD containing many programs matches their requirement or not.

Operating system is commonly sought because it is the platform on which number of programs are installed and used. Operating system is necessary to make use of the computer efficiencies. It acts as an interface through which the user interacts with the program, provides the input, press button or pass commands and get the desired output.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Redhat Operating System

Could you imagine this world without sharing knowledge, openness, transparency, and collaboration? What would happen if only rich would be given the chance to access everything that is innovative, flourished, and native? You will certainly come up with an answer that there would be no progress, then. And, this is the fundamental logic behind the open source. However, it is worth noting that open source is neither faceless nor nameless. It is also not charity to be certain.

Find Out The Linux OS List To Know The Power Of Open Source Software

It is an open secret that redhat Linux operating system is open source software. However, you might be interested to know about a wide range of variation of this software due to its openness and transparency. Knowingly or unknowingly, we come across the linux os list that is useful for every walk of life. Such listing erase the misconception that open source is unnamed and anonymous. Infact, here we come to know that an open source has a variety of identities, usages, and facets that were hidden within the universal enterprise of the Internet tribes!

Range of Red hat operating system

Red Hat operating system is the range of software products that are enhancements to the open-source Linux provided to general public. High level of customizations such as migration planning, security, and virtualization are made in these new versions provided by the Red Hat enterprise.

Different versions of Red Hat operating systems are as follows:

Range of Linux operating system

Linux is booted as one of the most popular operating systems, which is free and open source software. Open source means that its original source code is available to everyone for editing, modification and developing new software. It is free and can be used on a number of devices such as laptops, desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, printers, mini-frames and supercomputers.

They support a number of applications from simple like to complex like AutoCAD. There are different varieties of Linux operating systems available in market with unique features, each catering to different levels of users.

Below is the Linux operating systems list:

Ubuntu How to Revert back to the original scrollbar

If you have installed or upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 or later the first thing you will notice is the unity interface. The interface over all look nice, but it will take some time to get used to it. The good part Ubuntu has left you the option to revert back to the original Gnome interface if you wanted to by logging out and choosing Classic as the interface to use when u login again.

I believe the Ubuntu Unity interface it self is not too bad, but what really annoyed me with it is the new method they are using for the scrollbar. Its really clumsy and does not work well. The below screen shot show the new Ubuntu Unity Scrollbar.

Ubuntu Unity New Scroll Bar